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Golnaz Lavasani, Iran, 2016

(120x100x5 cm)

Photo, car window handle

Sky, the huge blue umbrella, which everyone's life depends on its health, is shared between every nations.

For decades, it has been a spiritual subject for painters, poets as well as authors, and many artists.

Sky is where children can practice their magic and others can dream about their future.

This beautiful sky is full of air which is invisible except when it is polluted.

There for, I pictured a beautiful moment of sky and installed some car window handles on it that meant everyone needs to pull down the window and breathe.


The need for healthy and fresh air, made me create this artwork.

The combination of sky and handles encourages viewers to guess as well as to think about it.


If we stop ignoring air pollution, we can end the cycle of various illnesses.

Here this artwork works as a warning, it reminds people that we have to work as one to reduce pollution.


The website of Golnaz Lavasani on her art to do with climate change 

Acid Rain 1
Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 16.28.10.png
Acid Rain 2
Acid Rain 3

While researching acid rain I came across an interesting explanation that droplets of water with pollution suspended in the air result in acid rain. These acids are analogised to needles with sharp points that sink into the lungs. Since acid rain is invisible, I have chosen the embossed technique. The raised images of the needles of acid show the definite presence of acid in raindrops.

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